29 July 2011

The World is Living Dangerously to Armageddon?!! - First Part

The world has been astounded no end by the unexpected terroristic mayhem on Norway, a country renown for its pacifist orientation as exemplified by its involvement in peace-making activities. For Filipinos, Norway is known to be the mediator in the ongoing peace talks between the Philippine Government and the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People's Army. My first impression upon hearing the news about Norway's bloody incident was that a foreign terrorist did it. When it was reported that a home-grown terrorist was the perpetrator, horror filled my mind. Is the world going mad?  Or is the world living dangerously or self-destructing towards Armageddon?

Armageddon is simply described as "a final conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil." Yet, it is virtually impossible to determine and conclude which can be categorized as the forces of good and evil. For instance, the 911 (September 11, 2001) incident which devastated several cities of the United States of America was perpetrated by nationals from countries with strong ties with the Americans such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. After investigation

25 July 2011

My Take on MY RANDOM THOUGHTS' "Col. Mariano's Statements Valid"

As I perused the three (3) major points raised in the above subject blog as lifted from Col. Mariano's statements as well as said blogger's views thereof, I felt compelled to elucidate my own take thereto. The major points are enumerated as follows:
1) He called on the people not to be fooled by sweet-talking liars and by statistics that runs counter to reality.
2) He said that the government is incapable of helping the people to escape poverty and death.
3) He further said, "If this government has no intention or is not doing any thing to save the life of the majority it is the right of every Filipino including soldiers to replace the government."
Col. Mariano seems to have a very demeaning low appraisal of the people's intellectual capability to determine what is truth from the self-serving praise releases churned out and proclaimed as unblemished gospel truth during the unlamented Arroyo regime. Perhaps, he was so bedazzled and enamored with the more than 9 years of Arroyo's Goebbels like propaganda and cover ups that he wishes P-Noy's abdication in favor of the return of the Arroyo mafia.

23 July 2011

Writing, the Second Love of My Life, the Denouement

Certainly, the series of setbacks which befell my former Group in our promotion of Modern Abattoir among many local government units compelled me to take a respite from my writing activities. Although, my advocacy concerning the plight of World War 2 veterans and their surviving did require me to write many letters addressed to the Office of the President at Malacanang Palace and the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office.

In 2004, my interest was aroused by the Inbox section of the Philippine STAR, of which I have been a regular reader since the very first date of its publication. With a hand-me-down Nokia 3310 cellphone, I commenced texting my entries on the Inbox question of the day. Whenever I got hold of my daily copy of the STAR, after perusing the front page, invariably the Inbox section would be the cynosure of my attention. Seeing my entry published would please me immensely. Of course, a tinge of disappointment would befall on me should my entry failed to be published, hoping it would not be so in the next issue of the STAR.

21 July 2011

A Catholic's Pained View on PCSO's Anomalies

For a "Catolico Cerrado", the unfortunate involvement of some Catholic prelates in the stinking PCSO anomalies has caused tremendous anguish to many of us, Catholic laity. It's regrettable that some irresponsible entities with ulterior motives had engaged in half-truths to paint unflattering image of these few ecclesiastics which invariably besmirched the reputation of the Catholic Church in our country. The norm in tri-media is to double-check, if not triple-check, any news item prior to publication or dissemination. The fact that some media publications persisted in using the term "Pajero" vehicles while said bishops never bought such type with the PCSO donations certainly revealed some hidden agenda on their part. It was a good move on the part of the Catholic hierarchy to encourage the same bishops confront the issues head on during the Senate hearings on the PCSO case as the Church's side was fully and satisfactorily clarified before the presence of the sympathetic Senators.

But, the harm was done as such misrepresentation made by some unscrupulous news agencies tarnished the Church's image among the faithful. Many of us, Catholics, whose faith

15 July 2011

Writing, the Second Love of My Life - Second Part

After my successful stint in college on-the-spot essay contest, there was no other venue in the university where I could utilize since I did not bother to join the school organ. As a working student and family man, my time was occupied more in writing office memoranda and reports. However, in one of my regular trips going home to my family then in the province, I felt distressed at the sorry state of the diversion road used by public transport bypassing an ongoing major infrastructure under construction. Upon return to my city residence, I wrote a letter to the Editor of the Philippine Daily Express, then the major newspaper of national circulation during the Marcos dictatorship, deploring said dusty and rutty diversion road. A sense of pride and extreme satisfaction filled my being when my letter saw print in said newspaper as it was my letter to such publication and was published accordingly. Until now, I keep my newspaper clipping which has luckily survived "Ondoy's" wrath.

From thereon, in my employment with several engineering, my writing ability was further developed as my job advancement from simple clerical employee to handle supervisory

12 July 2011

Writing, the Second Love of My Life - First Part

Next to Reading, I started to develop my ability for Writing when I took my secondary education, first in the seminary and in high school at various parishes of assignment of the Catholic priest whom I joined as his factotum. There I got good grades in English composition and even passable in Pilipino. Of course, when I took a fancy on a pretty girl at school, I wrote her several letters in English with the help of my trusty Thesaurus. Unfortunately, my classmates then told me that said girl would not entertain me as she did not like the idea of consulting a dictionary to answer my love letters. Thereafter, I practiced my writing ability by having pen pals along with my class mates whom I convinced to do so.

After a year of working in then Greater Manila area, I got married. Still, I wanted to pursue my college studies knowing very well the value of education in future advancement in my line of work. Prior to enrollment, I was toying the idea of taking up journalism as I wanted to follow the footsteps of my favorite newspaper columnists then like Max Soliven and Teodoro Valencia. However, I was discouraged to do so having read of the low pay of newcomers in the newspaper business. Thus, I decided to take up commerce which would help me cope with the requirements of my work.

8 July 2011

The Filipinos' Changing Mores & Customs Lost

Maria Clara is very dead long, long ago! Long live, Lady Gaga! Many of young people nowadays have imbibed so much Western culture and customs which seems to bring the worst rather than the best of the Filipino whose "bayanihan" spirit has been recognized and emulated world wide. It's said that we lived in a convent for three hundred years and fifty years in Hollywood. But, we are influenced more by the Americans' way of life thus, a large percentage of Filipinos nurture the American dream which many try to achieve by hook or by crook.

Unfortunately, the consuming infatuation of many Filipinos with the American way of life has elicited the worst and undesirable traits among us rendering such copycats symbolic of the term "more popish than the Pope". Way back in the '70s, there was a news report about a survey claiming that 10% of female teenagers had lost their virginity In the 21st century, it's safe to assume that said survey rating has either doubled or trebled as our ballooning population is the probable result.

5 July 2011

My Random Thoughts: PNoy’s Ratings Plunged Once More

According to SWS survey results, the net satisfaction rating of PNoy plunged from 51% in March to 46% in June 2011. How the Aquino government view it now? ..." The Aquino government must perform well on its 2nd year to arrest its plunging ratings. Carping versus critics is not needed. Otherwise, P-Noy may meet Erap's fate in due time. Erap, during his time, was like a puppet swaying wherever his drinking buddies had directed to do so. Today, rightly or wrongly, P-Noy is perceived is influenced greatly in his appointment of government officials and making decisions by allies derogatively termed as KKK: "Kaibigan (friends), "Kaklase" (classmates) and "Kabarilan" (shooting buddies).

For instance, P-Noy is deemed highly protective of Undersecretary Rico Puno and LTO head Virginia Torres whose controversial performance is somewhat abetted to the detriment of

1 July 2011

When Falcon Almost "Ondoyed" My Weekend

June 19, 2011 was the 150th birth anniversary of the Filipino National Hero, DR. JOSE RIZAL.  However, the various celebrations programmed was marred by the rains brought by the southwest moon termed locally as "habagat" being pulled by the oncoming tropical depression Falcon (international name Meari). On June 22nd, Falcon intensified into a tropical storm, which, though not expected to make a landfall, was predicted by PAGASA (Philippines' Weather Bureau) to bring heavy rains to Metro Manila. 

The weather was fine in the morning of June 23, 2011 but cloudy sky all over. Thus, I left the house for an appointment in Quezon City fully prepared in case rains fell during my trip but did not. I returned home and took my lunch with the expected rains yet to come. Late afternoon, rains started to fall reportedly flooding several areas in Metro Manila thereby stranding many people catching their way home.