30 November 2011

Addendum - An Eye-View on the Arroyo Controversy

The recent developments on the court proceedings in the sala of Judge Jesus Mupas of the Pasay City Regional Trial Court which was trying the electoral sabotage charges filed by the Philippine Commission on Elections (Comelec) against former President Gloria Arroyo, now congresswoman, revealed interesting contradictions in relation to previous events. Indeed, the Arroyos, reportedly receiving advance info of the SC TRO to be issued on November 15, 2011 against the implementation of the watchlist order (WLO), booked themselves in four different flights to Singapore on the same date. 

The successful blocking of the Arroyos' departure by the immigration under strict order of the DOJ opened intense criticism from legal circles on alleged disrespect of the Supreme Court by the Aquino administration's refusal to follow the TRO. Furthermore, the Arroyos' defenders virulently charged that the executive department was laying the groundwork for a constitutional crisis with its failure to honor the SC TRO as well as endangering the life of the former president, whose alleged life threatening illness could only be treated abroad.

25 November 2011

An Eye-View on the Arroyo Controversy

For so many days now and up to this writing, the air waves and the pages of the tri-media all over the Philippines have continuously been bombarded ad nauseam with news, narratives and dissertations pros and cons about the Arroyos' travails emanating from their desire to leave the country purportedly for medical treatment abroad.  

On November 15, 2011, all hell broke loose when news came out that the Supreme Court (SC) issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) enjoining the executive department to remove the Arroyos from the Watch List Order and allowing them to travel abroad. The entourage of the Arroyos, led by their high priced lawyers brandishing a copy of the TRO, tried to pass the immigration and board the plane which would fly them to Singapore.

19 November 2011

The Philippines On Antediluvian Crossroads?! - Episode One

Is the Philippines slowly inching to an antediluvian crossroads?  So it seems as the events of recent years will eloquently delineate and the predictions borne by "The Inconvenient Truth" emanating from the inevitable climate change caused by global warming. The series of typhoons, particularly "ONDOY", "PEPENG", "PEDRING" and "QUIEL" have brought widespread and enormous flooding to low lying areas as well as tremendous destruction to public and private properties.  

As of this writing, with the devastation and the sufferings of affected residents wrought by said typhoons gone from the news headlines, the harsh eventuality of climate change is conveniently subsumed to national predilection for politics, scandals and what have you. Even those who profess their advocacy and national campaign to inculcate public awareness about climate change have now maintained deafening silence, perhaps waiting for another typhoon or disaster to occur thus capturing a slice of the headlines.

13 November 2011

An Ordeal in October - An Unexpected Painful Interlude

After my Blog published on October 5, 2011, my blogging affairs encountered an unwanted period of incapacity when my excretory functions had gone completely haywired.  Though I've already accepted that with advancing years, my physical constitution would be susceptible to various ailments, this particular excretory malfunction was unprecedented and so unlike the mild stroke that befell me in 1997. Then I managed to recover from said mild stroke within a short period of time causing negligible adverse effects.  On the other hand, this particular episode, highly excruciating as it was, revealed a shocking reminder of my imminent mortality which demands immediate medical attention to obviate possible debilitating effects.