4 May 2012


The 1987 Constitution of the Philippines of the Philippines states in Article II Section 26, "The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law." (Source: Wikipedia)  Unfortunately and with never-ending dire consequences for the country, Congress from 1987 until this year 2012 has consistently, maliciously and deliberately failed, rather refused to pass the enabling law required by the Constitution.  All bills filed to satisfy the requirements of the Constitution were never tackled by Congress and eventually consigned to oblivion for obvious reasons.  With the prevailing mindset of all politicians, past, present and future, national and local, and virtually tolerated by the seemingly apathy or ignorance of the electorate, no anti-dynasty law will ever be filed and passed by Congress.

Considering the coming 2013 elections, dynasties will definitely hold sway unchallenged in the Philippine political horizon with the attendant adverse effects in government and society for decades.  Many opinion writers have claimed that the oligarchy has been and will be the principal cause of the widespread corruption and economic retrogression in our country.  But, after pontificating and ranting about the maleficent tentacles of the oligarchy, they will instantly clam up to write other harmless topics or other raging issues of the times.  One will harbor the naughty thought that perhaps they are merely paid hacks out to demand more payments for their press relations services.  Still, the painful truth remains that the changes expected with the departure of the unlamented Arroyo regime seem destined to the realm of impossibility as long as the present political system of patronage abetted by well entrenched oligarchs running the government for several decades now.

In the mind of this Blogger, the constitutional prohibition against political dynasties will forever be a shameful mockery perpetrated by all politicians, past, present and future, be they rightist, leftist or centrist, inasmuch as they are all motivated never by the pure love of country and public service, but, by overwhelming and all consuming GREED for endless power with the attendant perks and privileges.