18 April 2012


The aforementioned US study and the widespread devastation wrought by the tropical storm in Mindanao followed by the 6.9 magnitude earthquake in  the Visayas demand urgent and resolute action from the government and the private sector in anticipation of an earthquake similar to what hit Japan last year.  Although some local government units, like Marikina City and as mentioned earlier, the province of Albay with its Climate Change Academy, have taken the initiative to undertake the necessary measures to address such calamitous scenarios, such efforts seem isolated and devoid of a comprehensive program emanating from the national government to encompass the whole bureaucracy all over the country.  The response of the national government to the victims of "SENDONG" in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan was observed to be inadequate and complaints came out from many victims about the misuse of relief goods by local officials for political purposes.  So much attention for previous failures as intensive preparations should be made in anticipation of possible recurrence of any weather disturbance or earthquake in the near future.  (NOTA BENE:  This Blogger was forced to an unexpected and unwanted sabbatical from blogging activities by a wayward soul who dared filched our netbook on the wee hours of February 25, 2012, which date happened to be my 67th natal day.  It's only on April 2, 2012 that we were able to obtain a replacement personal computer for the family use.  Likewise, it's only in this much feared Friday the 13th or April 13, 2012 that I am now resuming my blogging inclination, and so be it.)

During this month of April 2012, the recurrence of destructive typhoons has now abated where flood-prone areas all over the country are mercifully spared of raging waters ravaging low lying communities and causing landslides that wreak havoc on lives and properties.  Of course, the summer heat is now inflicting extreme discomfort on people everywhere leading wealthy families to travel to pleasure spots elsewhere.  However, the poor masses have nowhere to go and just brave the sweltering heat in earning their living or traverse the polluted waters of rivers,lakes and bays for bare comfort.  Still, climate change hovers around and recent earthquakes occurring in other parts of the globe impart ominous signs that the government and the private sectors must now take a proactive stance to prepare for any eventuality, be they earthquakes, typhoons or any weather disturbances.  As the saying goes, it's better safe than sorry notwithstanding all adverse criticism!