5 October 2011

Another Sojourn to Typhoon ONDOY 2nd Anniversary Recollection

The recollection of Typhoon ONDOY 2nd Anniversary Recollection took several unintended twists that another sojourn is a must to this Blogger. My personal experience during that typhoon has scarred my psyche so immensely that only God knows when said episode will cease to haunt me. Indeed, it's a miracle that my wife and I survived since as non-swimmers, we could not possibly cross safely the raging 20 feet depth flood waters. Of course, God works in so many mysterious ways to cause my kind neighbors play the Good Samaritans and guide us to safety. 

While ONDOY'S 1st Anniversary was largely uneventful, the 2nd anniversary would be worrisome as manifested initially by Typhoon FALCON. The improved state of preparedness

1 October 2011

Typhoon "ONDOY" Second Anniversary - Conclusion

(NOTA BENE: This Blog's Conclusion starts to be written on September 26, 2011 itself. A Thanksgiving Mass is being offered this 10:00 AM at the Immaculate Concepcion Chapel of Provident Villages in commemoration of that tragic event two years ago.)

Without any food in our unit, I decided to go to the city public market to buy some provisions. Astonished at seeing so many people going to and fro St. Mary Avenue, the street fronting our apartment compound, I walked through the sidewalk covered with foot deep clinging mud towards the village gate. I could sense that many were either plain curious persons or scavengers whom I noticed picking up anything of value scattered along the way.