26 October 2012


(NOTA BENE:  The period of adjustment caused by my family departure from our place in Provident Village, Marikina City, on June 6, 2012, and settling down amidst a somewhat rural environment in Guiginto, Bulacan, prevented the immediate resumption of my blogging activities.  Notwithstanding such adverse condition, I want to see the month of October fade away with the revival of my love affair with Bloggers World.  Thus, here I am blogging again!) The widespread destruction inflicted by Typhoon GENER (international name, SAOLA) on many areas in the whole Luzon and some in the Visayas and Mindanao conveys ominous messages that the worst is yet to come.  Our worst fears begin to unfold when KAREN (international name, SANBA), though failing to hit directly the country, did bring about widespread southwest monsoon (locally called "habagat") rains all over Luzon causing floods in low-lying areas as well as landslides in certain denuded places.  As many flood-prone locations in Metro Manila got submerged in rain waters for many days, classes were always suspended and work at private and government offices was affected intermittently.  As our former place in Provident Village was likewise flooded again reminiscent of the deadly ONDOY, my family is thankful to God that our new residence is virtually free from flood although we can't help feeling sad at the fate of our former neighbors and friends thereat.

Indeed, as several towns of Laguna, my home province, have yet to fully recover from the ill effects of past typhoons and the "habagat", trepidation always befalls me every time a weather disturbance is reported to approach anywhere in the Philippines.  Certainly, floods and landslides will be imminent in the projected areas which such weather disturbance will manifest its destructive presence.  As usual the poor masses will bear the sufferings, hunger and inconvenience storms or typhoons will bring about since they are totally dependent on the support of government agencies and charitable individuals/institutions.

But, on hindsight, we, ourselves, must share the blame the recurring floods and landslides which occur during every weather disturbance.  We allow, cooperate and share from illicit profits that illegal loggings which have been going unimpeded through several decades all over the country.  Even the reported directive of President Noynoy Aquino to stop such wanton destruction of our remaining forest cover has miserably elicited positive results.  Proof is the news reports that during SENDONG which ravaged the cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan, newly cut logs rushed down with the floods and landslides wreaking havoc on the hapless citizens.  As long as such indifference and tolerance, nothing else will prevent more calamities to happen again and again everywhere in the country.

4 May 2012


The 1987 Constitution of the Philippines of the Philippines states in Article II Section 26, "The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law." (Source: Wikipedia)  Unfortunately and with never-ending dire consequences for the country, Congress from 1987 until this year 2012 has consistently, maliciously and deliberately failed, rather refused to pass the enabling law required by the Constitution.  All bills filed to satisfy the requirements of the Constitution were never tackled by Congress and eventually consigned to oblivion for obvious reasons.  With the prevailing mindset of all politicians, past, present and future, national and local, and virtually tolerated by the seemingly apathy or ignorance of the electorate, no anti-dynasty law will ever be filed and passed by Congress.

Considering the coming 2013 elections, dynasties will definitely hold sway unchallenged in the Philippine political horizon with the attendant adverse effects in government and society for decades.  Many opinion writers have claimed that the oligarchy has been and will be the principal cause of the widespread corruption and economic retrogression in our country.  But, after pontificating and ranting about the maleficent tentacles of the oligarchy, they will instantly clam up to write other harmless topics or other raging issues of the times.  One will harbor the naughty thought that perhaps they are merely paid hacks out to demand more payments for their press relations services.  Still, the painful truth remains that the changes expected with the departure of the unlamented Arroyo regime seem destined to the realm of impossibility as long as the present political system of patronage abetted by well entrenched oligarchs running the government for several decades now.

In the mind of this Blogger, the constitutional prohibition against political dynasties will forever be a shameful mockery perpetrated by all politicians, past, present and future, be they rightist, leftist or centrist, inasmuch as they are all motivated never by the pure love of country and public service, but, by overwhelming and all consuming GREED for endless power with the attendant perks and privileges.

18 April 2012


The aforementioned US study and the widespread devastation wrought by the tropical storm in Mindanao followed by the 6.9 magnitude earthquake in  the Visayas demand urgent and resolute action from the government and the private sector in anticipation of an earthquake similar to what hit Japan last year.  Although some local government units, like Marikina City and as mentioned earlier, the province of Albay with its Climate Change Academy, have taken the initiative to undertake the necessary measures to address such calamitous scenarios, such efforts seem isolated and devoid of a comprehensive program emanating from the national government to encompass the whole bureaucracy all over the country.  The response of the national government to the victims of "SENDONG" in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan was observed to be inadequate and complaints came out from many victims about the misuse of relief goods by local officials for political purposes.  So much attention for previous failures as intensive preparations should be made in anticipation of possible recurrence of any weather disturbance or earthquake in the near future.  (NOTA BENE:  This Blogger was forced to an unexpected and unwanted sabbatical from blogging activities by a wayward soul who dared filched our netbook on the wee hours of February 25, 2012, which date happened to be my 67th natal day.  It's only on April 2, 2012 that we were able to obtain a replacement personal computer for the family use.  Likewise, it's only in this much feared Friday the 13th or April 13, 2012 that I am now resuming my blogging inclination, and so be it.)

During this month of April 2012, the recurrence of destructive typhoons has now abated where flood-prone areas all over the country are mercifully spared of raging waters ravaging low lying communities and causing landslides that wreak havoc on lives and properties.  Of course, the summer heat is now inflicting extreme discomfort on people everywhere leading wealthy families to travel to pleasure spots elsewhere.  However, the poor masses have nowhere to go and just brave the sweltering heat in earning their living or traverse the polluted waters of rivers,lakes and bays for bare comfort.  Still, climate change hovers around and recent earthquakes occurring in other parts of the globe impart ominous signs that the government and the private sectors must now take a proactive stance to prepare for any eventuality, be they earthquakes, typhoons or any weather disturbances.  As the saying goes, it's better safe than sorry notwithstanding all adverse criticism!

17 February 2012


A particular news item in a national broadsheet on December 10, 2011 captured my undivided attention. It was aptly titled "US study links tropical typhoons to earthquakes" as it posed highly grave implications to the Philippines' status as the world's most disaster-prone country. However, other pressing personal concerns caused me lose the grasp of its importance until several days later.

When I remembered about it, I tried to look for it at said broadsheet's website without success. With the recent devastating earthquake of magnitude 6.9 which hit several provinces in the Visayas, the overwhelming importance of the aforementioned news spurred my determinaion to research Google about it. I was fortunate enough to find an article which I deem reflective of the news item I failed to retrieve the needed copy.

23 January 2012


In the days leading to January 16, 2012, the start of the Senate proceedings on the historical impeachment of a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the pages of newspapers and the airwaves of the radio and television were overwhelmed by the pros and cons anent the various ramifications inherent in this democratic exercise. To this non-lawyer bystander, I could not help being immensely confused at the pompous and overly legalistic posturings of the Corona camp. I find it difficult to accept that many reputable lawyers have chosen to defend the cause of SC CJ Corona based on their contention that the independence of the Supreme Court and the judiciary is imperilled by the impeachment initiated by the House of the Representatives at the behest of the executive.

This Blogger strongly believes that the Supreme Court's independence and integrity have been compromised by CJ Corona when he accepted his midnight appointment by the outgoing President Arroyo in blatant violation of the constitutional prohibition on such appointments. Even its ratification by the eight SC appointees of the outgoing president, to this non-lawyer, will never correct the inherent constitutional infirmity but, instead confirm public perception that the CJ Corona-led Supreme Court intends to protect the interests of the Arroyos.

11 January 2012


The unprecedented widespread destruction of cataclysmic proportion wrought by Tropical Storm SENDONG (international name WASHI) in Mindanao, particularly Iligan and Cagayan de Oro, imparted ominous message that the worst is yet to come to the Philippines what with climate change's adverse effects remaining totally unpredictable and causing the most extreme conditions. All along I harbored the notion that Typhoon ONDOY (international name KETSANA) was the most devastating typhoon that ever waylaid the country, of which I was one of the fortunate survivors. Yet, SENDONG, which amount of rainfall was much lesser than ONDOY, precipitated horrendous floods bearing numerous cut logs and debris that swept structures along the path leaving thousands of residents either killed, injured or missing. As such, we, survivors of ONDOY, were more fortunate since the twenty feet depth of the raging floods were mostly water and mud.