11 January 2013


The filing of candidacies for the 2013 senatorial and local elections with the Philippine Commission on Elections completed recently, one can glean from the list of candidates therein the rampant violations of the Anti-Dynasty Law.  Solitary warnings from the COMELEC as well as other concerned sectors are naturally ignored by virtually everybody in the government and the populace whose attention was riveted on the just concluding holiday season. Nevertheless the approaching middle part of January 2013 will definitely usher in widespread upsurge of political activities in the Philippine horizon. Of course, various profit-minded sectors will welcome with drooling lips the coming electoral period. Printing companies, small and big, are already churning out tons of campaign materials to keep with orders from candidates and supporters. Transportation companies and vehicle owners will expect sizable rental money as well, which is de rigueur during elections in the country. Lastly but not the least, voters, particularly the money-minded, are always excited during campaign periods as money flows like water up to the voting and counting episodes of the election.

Leaving these peripherals, this Blogger delves deeper in deliberate transgressions of the Anti-Dynasty merrily perpetuated by our politicians, from top down to the barangay level. A trite justification advanced by most political dynasty adherents is that they are simply motivated by the genuine desire to render public service. Critics of political dynasties denigrate such claims quite logically with the observation that even a private person can serve the community without entering politics. Many foundations and non-government organizations indeed render services to various communities and the public at large without the assistance or intervention of politicians. These entities are observed to be quicker and more efficient in extending help to the needy. Nevertheless, this Blogger knows for a fact that many politicians have found it worthwhile to establish foundations which will in the guise of doing public service be actually promoting their self-serving political agenda.